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Theremin Electronics Kit

Make Music Without Touch in Our First Kit

A theremin is a musical instrument that uses electric fields to make sound without touch. Change pitch and volume by simply waving your hands around two antennas. The theremin is a fascinating way to explore music and physics, and now you can build one yourself!


The Kit:

  • 24 Parts including: A Microprocessor named Micro, Oscillator named Tick, Speaker, Capacitor, 2 Resistors, 2 Antennas, 14 Wires, Battery Holder, and Circuit Building Block. Note: 3 AA Batteries Required. 
  • No tools required. Place parts in the Circuit Building Block to connect.

The Building Process:

  • Step-by-step instructional booklet, with interludes to explore the theory behind how the circuit works.
  • This circuit is built in three stages, giving you a chance to check your work and troubleshoot before continuing.

The Complete Theremin:

  • Volume and Pitch control from capacitance (a true theremin).
  • 3 octaves range of notes.
  • Filtered square wave tone.
  • Automatically calibrates to almost any situation.

What You'll Learn:

  • What parts are needed for a circuit, what they do, and how they connect.
  • How to troubleshoot mistakes and check your work as you go.
  • How electric fields and capacitance work, and are turned into a signals.

Buy Now at Amazon

Only available for a limited time from Amazon. Due to other work, I will not be able to produce more kits.

What Makes These Kits Special?


Real Parts

Build your circuit using the same real parts used by the electronics industry.


No Tools Needed*

*Other than your brain and hands. Get building right away, without soldering.


Micro Smarts

By using microprocessors in our kit, we've made complex circuits simple to build.